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Membership Program

The Belize Livestock Producers’ Association (BLPA) is incorporated under the Meats and Livestock Act, Chapter 214 of the Laws of Belize, revised edition 2000. This Act grants, in effect, the legal authority to the BLPA to manage the local livestock industry, and by extension, to work closely with the stakeholders of the industry. For instance, Section 15 (e) of the Act stipulates that the BLPA ought to “provide technical and other information of assistance to members.”

It is on this legal context, therefore, that the BLPA encourages all stakeholders of the local livestock industry to become an active member of the Association, regardless of the size of their farm. In the end, it is only on the strength of unity and solidarity that the BLPA would be in a better position to assist its members.

And once the rancher has registered, for a reasonable yearly fee of $25.00, s/he shall enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be eligible to become a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Have immediate access to BLPA’s identification and traceability services via the:
    • Brand Registry, and
    • Belize Livestock Registry.
  • Enjoy professional services on:
    • Cost of Production & Farm Management Analysis
    • Veterinary
  • Obtain a Membership Card
    • Card holders would qualify for purchase discounts at participating local business establishments.
  • Possession of an official Certificate of BLPA Registration, which would facilitate the following upon request:
    • An official Letter addressed to the relevant local governmental authorities in support of “Duty Exemption” for items related to your farm
    • An official Letter addressed to the respective financial institution attesting to your BLPA membership status
    • An official Letter addressed to the respective Diplomatic Mission in Belize attesting to your BLPA membership status
    • And any other official Letter which the BLPA would consider appropriate to issue on behalf of any of its members
  • Participation at BLPA’s Educational Workshops

Steps to become a member

These are the easy steps to become an active Member of the Belize Livestock Producers’ Association:

  1. Fill out an application (here)
  2. Provide a Picture (Passport Style)
  3. Pay a fee of $25 per year (can pay for multiple years)
  4. Include copy of deposit or transfer slip with application
  5. Expires at Annual General Meeting (last Saturday in February)

Banking Info.
Name of Bank:  Belize Bank Limited
Branch Location:  Belmopan
Account Name:  BLPA
Account Number:  645 117424010120001

You will then receive a card with your information and picture. The Membership card expires on the date of BLPA’s Annual General Meeting.
The following is an example of a Membership card:


The BLPA encourages its members to share their ideas on how best the Association can improve its services to its members.