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December 20, 2021


Regarding Guatemalan Cattle Trader Caught with Cocaine

As the guardian of the cattle industry in Belize, the Belize Livestock Producers’ Association (BLPA) regrets that the action of one individual might be made to reflect on the character and good name of the entire cattle industry, BLPA, its members and associates. The association condemns the action of the person(s) involve, and supports the authorities concerned who are charged with the responsibility for enforcing the law(s) pertaining to the illegality of the actions of the person(s) involved, be them farmers, traders, transporters, agents or employees of the association.

BLPA wishes to point to two facts relating to this event at the time the individual was apprehended:

  1. Whilst the vehicle being used is a regular “cattle truck”, there was no cattle being transported at the time.
  2. The owner of the vehicle, although a registered trader/transporter with the BLPA, was not issued with a “Movement Permit” to transport cattle at the time.

BLPA disassociates itself and the cattle industry from this event. It appeals to all ranchers, traders, transporters, agents, and employees to reject getting involved in drug trafficking, cattle rustling or smuggling of goods of any kind. Such activities can potentially bring an abrupt stop to cattle trading activities and severely damage our budding industry.


“B.L.P.A committed to safeguarding and promoting the Livestock Industry of Belize”