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Since its foundation in 1977, under section 14 of the Meat and Livestock Act (Ch 214), the Belize Livestock Producers Association (BLPA) has been promoting the improvement of the livestock industry in Belize through its objects as outlined in the ACT. Over the years, the association has made significant strides towards a more organized and viable livestock industry. One such accomplishment is the implementation of a Belize National Sanitary Cattle Plan Project, funded by the European Union, that paved the way for the establishment of the Belize Livestock Registry (BLR). The BLR is fundamental in preparing the industry for the export of cattle and meat as it provides for a recognized national registry of traceability and accountability. Currently, the BLPA represents over 5,200 cattle producers nationwide with a total herd of 187,294 animals.


BLPA will be the leading advocate for developing a green livestock industry in Belize, the premier lobbyist for the best interest of livestock development, and be go-to organization for services to all livestock farmers in areas of technical services and market access.


BLPA will encourage a green livestock industry by promoting agroforestry and agro-silvo-pastoral system, will offer transformational technical services aimed at improving access to high value markets.

BLPA will safeguard farmers interest in the livestock industry through representation and lobbying at all levels.

Core values

a.  Integrity in all we do

b.  Transparency in all we do

c.  Responsibility for all we do

d.  Sustainability for the industry

e.  Inclusiveness for all stakeholders

f.  Commitment to our vision, mission and objectives

g.  Efficiency in getting things done

h.  Empathy for the industry‚Äôs stakeholders

General Objective

To advocate for the for the best interest of the livestock industry stakeholders at national and regional levels; to provide farmers with improved access to new and high value markets; and to provide and disseminate new technologies and relevant information through a system of technical-led trainings, education initiatives and projects.

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Abram Frose

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